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Chainsaw carved name log sign


3 feet long

Up to 7 letters

Small Diameter

Chainsaw Carved Name Log sign


4 feet long

Up to 9 letters

MEDIUM Diameter

Chainsaw carved name log sign


5  1/2 feet long

Up to 16 letters

LARGE diameter 

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Main Pages of Products

Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carved Animals and people

We use many tools from Chisels to Chainsaws to carve everything you can dream up.

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Rustic Furniture

Indoor and Outdoor Furniture made from raw materials

Using slabs and logs we can create indoor or outdoor furniture

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Name Logs

Chainsaw Carved Cedar Log signs for the yard or business

Proudly display your name on your property.  Shipped.  GREAT GIFT  Chainsaw carving.

Over 10,000 made

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On-Site Carving

Chainsaw carved sculptures in customers yards

We can come to your yard in the St. Louis area and carve your tree stump.

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Wedding Barn

Rustic Wedding decor for rental or purchase

We rent and sell products for your rustic wedding and reception.

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Other Products

Wood Slices and smoking wood

Many other products and services

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Live edge mantles and carved Mantles for the home

Many styles and sizes of mantles to choose from

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Themed pages

Chainsaw carvings sorted by theme

If you are looking for a Sports gift or something for a Lake Home, etc......look here

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Totem Poles

Chainsaw carved Totem Poles

Custom ordered totems

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Routered Signs

Custom signs routered by had or on a CNC Machine

Signs where we router the lettering

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Handcarved Signs

Custom signs carved with chisels by hand

Signs with raised Lettering or handcarved areas.

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Patriotic flag signs.   Made completely by hand so that each one is different and unique

Warped and Waving flags

Flag Gun Case

Police baton flag

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Barn Beams

Authentic Barn Beams

Our Barn Beams came from a barn built in 1847 in Longview, Illinois

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Our Barnwood comes from many places.   Come in to buy some for a project.

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Live Edge Boards

Live edge Lumber for sale

With our Sawmill, we cut our own slabs from Local species.   Come grab a slab for your project.

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Live Cam

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About Us

Our Story

Chainsaw Carving Creation

From 1975 to our Future


Our Process


From Log to Finished all happens here.   Click for a peek and a tour !


Our Guarantee


Our goal is to gain satisfied and returning customers



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