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Types of Flags


Warped and Waving flags

Our First warped and Waving Flag was made by mistake.  A thin piece of wood that came off the sawmill sat out in the hot sun and warped like a potato chip.    As I was tossing it into the burnpile I realized that it looked like a flag.    I cut the stars into the corner of it and created some waving stripes with a grinder. Then I stained every other stripe.    A customer bought this first flag before the stain was dry.    Now we purposefully make these flags.    Each one is unique .    $ 50 - $250


Gun Case Flag

This Flag has three compartments that hold your weapons.    




It can also be made into a coffee table.


Theme Flags

We have made Flags rom Police Batons, Poolsticks, and natural sticks and Driftwood