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On-Site Carving

On site custom carving for a customer

Time and Location

I carve within 50 miles of my shop in Festus, which includes the St. Louis Metro are.   Occasionally I go further.    I do on-site carvings from April to September.

On site Spartans Mascot Chainsaw Carving

Your tree

Ideally it is best if the tree is in a location of your property where you can enjoy it often. I don't cut rees down.   Most carvings can be achieved in one day  out of an 8 foot stump.    Call me to discuss ideas.   You can send a text of the tree trunk to 636 209-0514.    I can advise how tall to have the tree trimmer leave the stump.    Anything over 10 feet will require multiple scaffolding and take longer ....costing more.Maximum height -15 feet

Custom on site German Shepard with a green neck scarf


One Day within 50 miles $995

Carving includes 8-10 hours work.   It includes chainsaw carving, sanding, chisel work, possible painting or staining and sealing if the wood is dry enough.   It includes cleanup and fungicide treatment also if requested.    Some customers request that I just carve for 8-10 hours to get the maximum detail on their piece, leaving the cleanup, and painting or sealing to themselves,which they can do.   We can either take the sawdust and wood chunks with us or leave them for mulch and firewood.

Brick building and logo

Anheuser Busch Carving at BIG DADDY's

Hound Dog and Coon

2 day carving in Sunset Hills

Climbing Koala

One day carving in Ladue

Eagle with Flag

This is at the entrance to a Cemetary