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My Story

Early Wood Den

In the mid 1970's my parents had a business called THE WOOD DEN.   They make Children's toys, puzzles, and furniture.   I have memories of going to the shop in the evenings and playing with scrap wood and sawdust.  When I wanted to start my own Woodcarving business in 2002 I decided to call it THE WOOD DEN.

Early Carving

While in the Marine Corps in 1992, I began Whittling walking sticks to pass the time.  Over the next 10 years I carved many things with chisels and accumulated many tools and skills that I would need to start selling my items in stores on consignment.   In 2001 I bought my first chainsaw and made a 5 foot bear for a customer.


Our services include:

Custom Chainsaw Carving

Name Log Carving

Rustic Furniture

Wedding Rentals and Decor

Wood Slices

Lumber and Live edge wood sales

Sawmill services

Furniture refinishing

Custom signs

Chain Sharpening

On-site carving

My store today is in its third and largest location yet.    Our store in in Festus, MO and ships all over the United States.    At this point we have: 

1300 square feet of retail space.  

1500 square feet of Wedding Barn retail space.  

3000 square feet of sawmill, wood storage, and shipping space.  

One acre of organized outdoor log storage.