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Raw Materials

Everything here at The Wood Den is produced On-site.   We get Large to small logs in nearly every day.   They are stored to dry on our lot for 6 months to 2 years, depending on size.  We also recycle Christmas trees every year to make furniture.   We collect Barn wood and Driftwood for projects.



When logs are dry enough, they either make their way to THE PIT  (our carving area) or the Sawmill.



Some logs make it into the carving area to be carved into someones order and some will be carved into an item that will be sold at our store.    Each type of wood is different in the way it carves, dries, and its ability to hold detail.    For instance , Pine and Oak are great for Bears and Snowmen.   Cedar is good for Name Logs and Cardinals.   Cherry is great for Eagles and Fish.  



Our bandsaw  mill has seen its share of logs.   It has taken years of trial and error to figure out the different qualities of wood along with drying rates and  uses.   This sawmill has found nails, bolts, and bones inside logs.   It has seen enough bullets to earn many purple hearts.   One of the most satisfying activities here at THE WOOD DEN is to saw through a log and uncover some beautiful grain for the first time.    We stockpile and store our live edge lumber by species, length, thickness, and purpose.   


Customer Logs

Many times, customers have brought us a sentimental tree from their property and had us dry the log, and saw the log to build a furniture item from their tree.



From The Pit all items make their way into the Garage where they are sanded, stained, burnt, painted, and sealed.   Our Artists and Apprentices are continually faced with a multitude of projects.   One minute it may be sealing a name log, the next detailing a fish, and then sanding a table.    Every item has different needs and a different path.




Every day customers come into our store in Missouri and enjoy a tour through our facility.   It is usually a mess because no one sits around here.   Every minute you will see artists carving, sanding, sealing, and packing products for shipment.    When you come in we can show you what is for sale and help you describe what you would like us to make for you.

Website Store


24 hours a day you can shop in our website store.   It contains some of our popular items that require a minimum amount of personalization.   You can always call if you have questions before you order.

Etsy and Amazon Marketplace


Our vision is to become a business that has an old world process, yet can reach out and provide handmade items with integrity to the greater United States online.