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Walking Sticks

Made by nature and finished out by us, This is truly a masterpiece.

Staffs and Hiking Sticks

Staffs are generally taller than 4 foot tall, used occasionally for hiking or for decor

Those regular canes from the pharmacy are boring. They'll like this better

Canes for Support

Canes are used for support and shorter than 48".   Usually depends on the height of the owner.

Know someone who hikes? Missouri Timber Rattler walking stick.

Carved Sticks

Give someone a gift they dont have and will keep for a long time.   Have a walking stick carved with an animal or whatever is special to the recipient.



Simple walking Sticks are priced from $25 to $40

Twisted Walking Sticks: $40-$75

Custom Canes for Support $50 - $95

Carved Canes $90- $400


Dragon Walking Stick


Rattlesnake Walking Stick


Witches Broom with OWL


Physicians Serpent Staff -  Caduceus