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Wood Fer Smokin'


6 Varieties

Sold in 3 pound bags.   Small and large chunks

Cherry wood


From my experience, Cherry is WONDERFUL on Pork, specifically Ribs and Chops.    I usually soak the pieces for about 10 minutes prior to putting them into the smoker to keep them from going up in flames.    I have found that an OLD cherry tree is much richer in smoke flavor than a young cherry tree.

Pecan is similar to Hickory  but brings out the flavor in the meat a little more


Pecan is my favorite wood to smoke meat with.    It is similar to Hickory, but I think the flavor comes out in the meat more.   I usually soak the Hickory overnight.    It is good on Pork Tenderloin and Beef.

Hickory is the most used wood for smoking. Make sure to soak over night


Hickory may be the most widely used Soking wood.   We sell it in larger chunks.    Great if you are smoking alot of Pork or Beef.  Soak overnight.

Great for Pork. Goes great with Applewood Rub


Apple is a great Fruitwood to smoke Pork with.   It is a little harder to get and keep in stock. Normally the Apple that I get still has moisture in it and it does not need to be soaked.

If you plan on leaving something in the smoker all day, go with the slow burning Black Oak.

Black Oak

Oak may sound normal, but Black oak in a smoker always smells like the best BBQ sauce to me.   I would use it on Beef that you plan to smoke all day.

If you've never smelled Sassafras then give it a try if you love that sweet smell


Sasaafras has a sweet smoky scent when cooking.   Normally used with fish or chicken.

Smoking Guide

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